IKare Funerals & Cremations philosophy:

When someone we love dies, we are under a great stress. To help ease that stress, IKare Funerals & Cremations professionally and graciously serves all needs.

We understand the grief of losing a loved one. Our focused and dedicated team is available to help your family in the most difficult time. With personalized, compassionate and quality service, a wide variety of merchandise options, and straightforward information about the funeral and cremation process, you need to look no further than IKare Funerals & Cremations. With our combined experience, we have helped thousands of families over the years. We always go above and beyond what is considered “standard” in the funeral industry. We are able to help in all aspects of arranging funeral services for a loved one: selecting a clergy, arranging for flowers, group transportation, organizing memorial lunches, monuments and grave markers.

  • IKare Funerals & Cremations professionally and graciously:
  • - Serves members of all faiths
  • - Available to you 24 hours a day, every day
  • - Makes arrangements in the privacy and comfort of your home or our offices
  • - Offers a full selection of caskets, burial vaults, cremation urns, floral arrangements, grave markers
  • - Arranges memorial luncheons
  • - Offers Life Coaching
  • - Arranges for home cleaning
  • - Works with all Hospices
  • - Offers pre-paid guaranteed pre-need arrangements
  • - Accepts pre-paid arrangements made with other funeral providers
  • - Offers payment plans at time of need to families in financial distress
“The things we can do with life – have relationships, be creative, create knowledge – are what give life meaning. We don’t need death to give time a purpose. We rationalize this great tragedy and convince ourselves that death is a blessing, but it’s a tragedy. It’s a profound loss of knowledge and skill and humanity and relationships. It is a loss of the things that give life significance.” (Prevention Magazine, June 2014)